It is recommended when using conventional oils that you change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles to help keep your car running at peak performance, to get a better mileage out of your car and to ensure its engines long life. With synthetic oil that can be extended to 5,000 up to 15,000 miles for certain BMWs.

At Perri's German Auto Bahn for 90% of the vehicles we use synthetic oil which protects your engine and enhances your car’s performance. Synthetic oil is resistant to heat and viscosity breakdown. Not all synthetic is created equal. The common ones are Group 3, Group 4 and Group 5. As of last year all the German car manufacturers were recommending ten different oils based on application all were the cheaper Group 3 oil. While made from crude oil it is considered highly refined synthesized hydrocarbons. This oil is fine for most German cars. I would use Group 4  or 5 in turbo or super charged vehicles. It will take more abuse for a longer time. They only costs a dollar or two more than Group 3 oil per quart.  Cheap insurance.

VW and Audi have VW 501 01, VW 502 00, VW 50500, VW 505 01 and 504 00/507 00 spec oils. The internet is littered with people complaining about engine damage to their Audi or VW due to the oil. I have never seen engine damage when the correct oil was used and it was changed on time. I have seen plenty of ruined 1.8Ts and VW TDI engine with 40000 miles or less where the people had all the receipts from chain stores for oil changes done on time. Did they really think that $15.95 oil change would get them quality oil and even more important a quality oil filter. BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes use a polyester long life oil filter. Every time I get a BMW or Mercedes in with a sticker from a car wash or chain store I ask the owner to stay while we take out the filter cartridge in front of him, they are Chinese, paper and are broken. Most of the time they have paid as much as the dealer charges or more for an oil change.  Now they know why their engine sounds a little louder than before.

We only use the recommended oil or better and a quality German oil filter. Our synthetic oil changes start at $58.00 up to $135 depending on the vehicle. I have been told by a new Mercedes owner there is a new Mercedes out that the oil service cost $500.00 to do at the dealer.

In addition to changing the oil in your vehicle, we will also give you a complete vehicle inspection for free when you come in for your oil change.